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All rail shipments include 2 hours free loading and unloading. After 2 hours rate is $100.00 per hour.

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We require truckload contract carriers to have a minimum carrier cargo liability of $100,000. When cargo value is declared in excess of $100,000, our freight experts will source a contract carrier with cargo liability for your entire shipment
The carrier’s maximum liability in the event of loss or damage is limited to their determination of “fair value,” which in no case can exceed a maximum of $5,130.00 USD or $1.00 USD/lb. for new goods, or in no case can exceed a maximum of $513.00 USD or $0.10 USD/lb. for used goods. Claims can be denied and the amount paid can be less than the value of the shipment based on, but not limited to, tariffs, common law exceptions, released value provisions, liability limitations, and carriercommodity restrictions. For All-Risk coverage, Insurance is available to protect your shipment. I acknowledge the carrier’s maximum liability and possible reductions as stated above.

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